Monday, April 11, 2016

I was hurt by the windshield in a car accident. What are my legal options?

Many victims of Dallas car accidents have extensive injuries from broken glass from the windshield and windows. Broken glass poses a huge threat to the drivers and passengers, and in some cases even bystanders who are not in the vehicle at the time of the accident can be harmed by broken glass.
Most injuries from broken glass are a result of the forces generated by the car crash. Even two vehicles traveling at low speeds can cause a huge amount of damages involving glass. Fortunately, most vehicles now have windshields that are designed not to shatter, but during high-speed crashes, those designs are not always effective.
Some of the most serious injuries that occur involving broken glass include deep cuts, blood loss, infections, shock, severed limbs, and even fatalities. Even after the healing process is complete, many victims of injuries involving broken glass deal with a variety of health problems. They may be left with scars or deformities, as well as lifelong pain.
Accident victims who suffer injuries because of broken glass can file a lawsuit against the responsible parties. The responsible parties could include a negligent driver, the automobile manufacturers, or the glass makers.
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